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Do you have a list of things to do every day that never seems to go down? Perhaps you spend hours doing what seems to be like the same thing over and over but nothing really gets done. If you start every weekend with a big list of pending items, it may be time to consider improving your productivity to get more done.

Create A Routine

In order to be more productive each day, you should first create a personal routine. This should help you to fit your most complex tasks in the times that you are generally at your best. Some people are very efficient at waking up early and getting things done first thing in the morning. For others, their productive time may fall in the afternoon or even the evening. Knowing what times of the day are most productive is the best way to increase the number of things you get done each day.

Implement Forced Deadlines

If you have all morning to get something done, chances are you will procrastinate until the last minute. Knowing you have only a short timeframe, however, will force you to get rid of distractions and complete your tasks. If you have a lot to do, it is a good idea to set forced deadlines to maximize your efficiency and boost your productivity. You can set a timer, alarm, or even have someone remind you that you are on the clock if you need a bit of a push.

Set Up Separate To-Do List

If you have a large project or simply many things to complete all with different due dates, setting up a separate list is a good way to boost productivity. Make a list of things that need to be completed each day and also a master list of things that need to be completed by the end of the week or month. Breaking down your work into manageable portions will prevent fatigue and help you focus.

Take Breaks When Needed

Depending on your list of tasks or the type of work you do, it can be easy to lose focus after a few hours. One way to break up the monotony and stay on top of your schedule is to take short breaks periodically. This can be as simple as taking a walk into another room for a drink of water or snack, or even a short power nap if time allows. Scientific research has proven that short work breaks can lead to as much as an 18% boost in productivity.

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