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Increase repeat sales and boost profits with your current customers…. no ads required.

how it works

Selling more is
simpler than ever

step 1

Make It Simple

Systems that make it easy for your customers to tell others about you. 

step 2

Make It Win/Win

Reward customers who go out of their way to refer you to others, so it’s win-win.

step 3

Increase Sales

Digital loyalty programs designed to bring customers back to buy again.


Turn current customers into more sales

Encourage your happy customers to refer others.

Take advantage of the fact that people are more likely to buy when referred by someone they trust.

Use referral marketing to get new customers most efficiently and cost-effectively.

Track and reward successful referrals through our system, fostering a community of brand advocates and rewarding their loyalty.

loyalty programs

Turn customers into loyal regulars

PromoCliq Digital loyalty cards for Apple Pay & Google Wallet.

Give points to your customers with our scanner app.

Unlimited FREE push notifications designed to entice customers to come back and buy again.

Geo-fencing feature sends push notifications when customers are within 330 ft of your business location (or the competitors you designate)

Send review requests (via push) after a customer visits your business.

Cutting edge tech

Take your sales to the next level

Revolutionize your sales process with our cutting-edge automation tools. Simplify tasks, boost sales, and grow your customer base effortlessly.

Ready to see how?

Make sales on the go with our mobile app

Get notifications on your phone in real-time

Chat with your leads & customers on the go

Book appointments in seconds

Easily collect payments from anywhere